The Ras Shamra Tablet Inventory


This website represents the digital front end for the Ras Shamra Tablet Inventory research database.

In 1928 the accidental discovery of a tomb at the coastal Syrian site of Minet el-Beida prompted the investigation of this site and later of the nearby tell of Ras Shamra. In the next year, the Mission Archéologique Française discovered tablets at Ras Shamra written in a previously unknown script and language, later deciphered and termed Ugaritic. For publications and activities of the Mission, visit the online presence for the Mission archéologique syro-françasie de Ras Shamra-Ougarit.

The RSTI website is dedicated primarily to the inscribed objects from Ras Shamra. However, we have also added a number of other objects of interest. As research continues, we expect to continue adding information about other published objects.

The TEO page on this site presents an updated version of Bordreuil and Pardee, La Trouvaille Épigraphique de L'Ougarit. The TEO monograph appeared in 1989. This site includes summary information for the tablets discovered in the years after 1989. The data is presented here essentially as tables of objects.

RSTI is a collaborative partner with the EUPT project, Edition des ugaritischen poetischen Textkorpus at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Handcopy of cuneiform Ugaritic tablet RS 15.022+
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